Digital Services Act: Special

Digital Services Act Special – #EUDigitalPlatform Season 2

The upcoming Digital Services Act is Europe’s ambitious plan to revise the rules on how online services, such as social media networks, should deal with illegal and “harmful” content that their users are circulating on their network, and how they could be held liable for such content. The reform is expected to tackle important issues including centralised platform monopolies, broken business models based on profiling and tracking, and illegal online content and behaviour.The proposal is therefore considered to be a unique opportunity to start fixing some of the societal problems that big tech is causing today and to shape the central aspects of the internet for the years to come and for Europe to become once more a global standard-setter

My special “Digital Platform: DSA” series will host renowned international experts. Every event is scheduled for 1,5 hours, during which the speakers will start off with lightning talks and share with us their insights, followed by a moderated exchange and a long Q&A session, as we want to allow for a participative discussion.

There will be three events in this special DIGITAL PLATFORM series:

  • Transparency of algorithms: Breaking the Black Blox
    • 17 November 2020 – from 6 to 7.30pm


  • Ad Tech: Out of control
    • 18 November 2020 – from 6 to 7.30pm


  • Social Media Councils: Power to the people
    • 19 November 2020 – from 6 to 7.30pm